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Burj Doha, Qatar

The Doha tower, Qatar was designed by the architect Jean Nouvel and completed in 2012. A total of 3625 custom instalight 1065 LED luminaires are integrated into the 231 meter high structure, mounted between the internal glass construction and mesh facade. A dynamically controllable lighting system was also supplied to maximise the impact of this feature with each luminaire addressed individually. Revolutionary optic design was used to control the beam and reduce glare back into the office space. All luminaires were installed by local contractors, after which two Insta engineers went to Qatar in November 2011 in order to support the final installation work and commission the system. Each luminaire provides feedback to engineers at insta who remotely monitor the system for maintenance. New light scenes can be remotely created and uploaded as required. Today, on the Doha skyline, white and amber LED's, turn the tower from silver to gold in dynamic sequences.

Project: Office Tower in Doha, Qatar

Building owner: H.E. Sheikh Saoud Al-Thani, Qatar

Light planning: Yann Kersalé, Paris

Architecture: architecture: Ateliers JEAN NOUVEL, Paris

Photos: Stefan Torau, Qatar

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