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LED Profiles

We offer professional profile solutions for a vast range of diverse lighting applications, including delineation, recessed linear, functional direct or indirect, surface mounted,  suspended, Plaster in, Tile in or recessed floor walk over.
All profiles can be customised to suit your specific lighting requirement, length, cable entry, RAL colour etc. If you need a complete solution engineered for your project we will manufacture your complete luminaire with an appropriate LED to suit your lighting requirement.

BARdolino mini

BARdolino R mini

BARdolino Flat

BARdolino High

BARdolino High SS

BARdolino H

BARdolino T

BARdolino Angolo

BARdolino Muro

BARdolino Wallight 2.0

BARdolino Laminato


GARgano flex Flat


BARdolino Fondo

CATaina 3030 T

CATaina Angolo 3030

CATaina 3030

CATaina 3030 Blackline

CATaina 3060

CATaina 3060 Blackline

CATaina 3060 Duo

CATaina 4040

CATaina 4050

CATaina 6075

CATaina 6075T

CATaina 8090

CATaina 30 TB

CATaina 30 UP





Palermo BE

Pino Grande

Pino HP

Define 3050

Define 6083

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