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St George Tower, London

The Tower, One St George’s Wharf is a landmark apartment tower in Vauxhall comprising 223 apartments across 52 floors. At 180.6 metres, it is the tallest residential tower in London at completion in 2014. To enhance the Tower at night 720m of Custom LED lighting was supplied by Insta, to meet the needs of the client. The brief was to create lines of light on the facade with minimal architectural interference, easy installation and maintenance. The luminaire was supplied in two parts, first fix extrusion which followed the line of the building facade and a second fix LED element which could be simply located during installation and mechanically fixed in place. With innovative technology the LED element have onboard Power supply units within the 35 x 55mm luminaire, therefore no additional driver locations were required and up to 20 meters could be connected to one feed.


Project Name: One St George's Wharf

Building owner: St George PLC

Main Contractor: St George / Brookfield Mulitplex

Electrical Contractor: Haydons 

Architecture: Broadway Malyan

Photo: James Newton

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