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AQUALUC mini 10.5mm x 5mm is a robust  IP67 LED lightline for interior or exterior use. Strong but flexible polyurethane ceramic compound with tight bend radius of just 50mm, this high-quality encapsulation protects the LED technology reliably against, water, UV radiation, abrasion and chemicals.

AQUALUC mini 24V

645 - 663lm/m, 5.3W/m

967 - 1017lm/m, 8W/m

2002 - 2136lm/m, 17.3W/m

520 - 562lm/m, 5.3W/m

780- 844lm/m, 8W/m

1608- 1769lm/m, 17.3W/m

384lm/m, 9.6W/m

368lm/m, 9.6W/m

AQUALUC mini 48V

654- 797lm/m, 8.7W/m

1180 - 1494lm/m, 17.3W/m

752 - 930lm/m, 8.7W/m

1416 - 1773lm/m, 17.3W/m

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